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31 Reasons To Enter M&M Global

Seeing as M&M Global is turning 31 this year, we thought we’d put together not one, not two but 31 compelling reasons why you should enter our awards.

  1. Winning awards matters, it creates a huge boost for you and your team, it puts your agency or brand on the map and helps to retain and attract new talent.  The end goal of course is always to create campaigns that work, but if you can pick up an award too, that makes it all the sweeter.
  1. Winning a M&M Global media award it’s some of the best recognition you can get for your media work.
  1. It’s a great way to see how your agency is performing against your competitors is to look at the awards that you each have won. Benchmark yourself against your nearest competitor. If they have won more than you, make this the year to beat them. If you’re coming out on top, great – but remember you’ll have to stay on top and keep up that winning streak.
  1. A media award gives the highest recognition you can get for your media work, both at internal and external level.
  1. Teams should enter work for M&M Global if they want their work to be recognised amongst the best campaigns globally.  There’s nothing like getting your work recognised and celebrating other brilliant campaigns too.
  1. Who doesn’t want to work for an award-winning company? If you’re picking up awards, you can also pick up the interest of new talent. You’re only as good as the people you draw in – attracting and retaining talent is essential.
  1. Winning a Festival of Media award has opened many doors for our agency. It helps us to benchmark our work, allowed us to gain publicity and helped us secure new business. Being an award winning agency is a great hook and helps our staff think with the mindset – will this work be award winning.’
  1. The award secured our position and recognition within the industry, helping us continue our amazing trajectory as the fastest growing media agency in North America.
  1. It shines light not just on great campaigns, but on people as well – the unsung heroes that make things happen.
  1. Never underestimate the importance of collaboration between the client and a media agency. The backbone of good business is all about what we have the power to achieve together, collecting an award together is a pretty nice cherry on top of the collaborative cake.
  1. Stacking up our work against the best in the world. Making the shortlist shows there’s serious talent around our region, our network, the world.
  1. Doing potential award-winning work with energised media owners creates huge additional value for clients.
  1. If you force yourselves to enter awards you are properly running the rule over your work (you quickly know which ones are potential winners). So it’s time that’s well invested. The easier the case studies are to write the better the work is.
  1. As a small agency it is everything, win or lose, and being shortlisted alone puts big smiles on people’s faces. Good work always requires hard work, having those efforts recognised by others makes getting the best from the team even easier next time around.
  1. These awards aren’t just about a pat on the back or a quick ego boost. They can enhance a company’s reputation, help employees take pride in their work and instil confidence in customers about the quality and professionalism of your organisation.
  1. During award ceremonies, you will be exposed to a network of business leaders in and outside of your industry. This will assist you in expanding your knowledge and learning from the success of others, it will also increase partnership and lead to business opportunities.
  1. Awards can help an agency grow its reputation. They can help an agency hire better people. But ultimately they are at their most powerful when they motivate a generation to push themselves further.
  1. It matters. It really matters now; more than ever to companies. There are very few institutions out there that are real collectives of creative minds. It’s a wonderful selling tool to be able to say to customers and suppliers.”
  1. You only have to look at the calibre of past winners, and how many years Festival of Media has been running, to know that of all the many award programmes out there this is one of the only ones that’s worth entering.”
  1. Recognition has a big part to play here. It’s a powerful tool for any business, as it keeps people high on motivation.
  1. M&M Global has a wide range of categories meaning that multi-faceted campaigns can be championed for their strengths over many verticals.
  1. As a first timer no part of taking part in the MMG feels intimidating as the helpful awards team in on hand to help with any issues you have along the way.
  1. These awards give you an opportunity to compete against the big boys and stand side-by-side with them on stage and on the billing. Many categories of business awards allow you to go head-to-head against major competitors.
  1. Awards aren’t just about the fancy trophy, certificate or logo on your website. Winning or being shortlisted for awards can positively impact you, your clients and your employees.
  1. By sharing your work with the sector you are constantly raising the bar of the quality of work we are producing as a industry. Awards shows like M&M Global help to set new benchmarks.
  1. Winning is a launchpad for future success, not just for the company but for my own career progression. More than just being able to add it to my LinkedIn, gain promotions and even set me apart from competitors when trying to land my dream role.
  1. We all want to make sure our media campaigns are seen by as many eyes as possible. Knowing that the judges who are all people I respect in the industry has seen the work, and then at the ceremony itself it puts us the front of brand’s minds.
  1. Having some nice silverware on our mantel in reception, is a great first impression when meeting new clients as it’s the first thing they see. Also, motivates us to keep working harder to be able to add more shiny trophies to the collection.
  1. We always thinking about the next project or great idea, but it’s a really satisfying to be able to look back on gems we’ve worked on in the past year and have the industry pat us on the back to rewarded all the long hours we put in to make it all happen.
  1. It’s a yearly tradition, to see if we can pick up more gongs than last year. We don’t mind how many we win as long as we pip our biggest rival to the post.
  1. Holding that trophy in your hand gives validation and recognition that the work you are producing is the best you can do.

We’ve given you plenty of reasons to enter, so what are you waiting for? The standard deadline to enter is the 7 May, so you better get your skates on. You’re only a few clicks away from getting started

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