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Advertising technology start-up, Adludio, is using sensory science to ensure direct brand engagement through memorable advertising.


Sector: Advertising Technology

Based in: London and Paris

Regions covered: Global

Founded by: Jacques Kotze, COO, Howard Kingston, CMO, Ben Hoyle, Data Scientist, Andy Williams, Technical Director

Are they rocket scientists? Actually, almost! Jacques Kotze is a theoretical physicist and futurist. His experience running cutting edge research allows him to balance theoretical and practical considerations, and gives him a unique and innovative perspective when addressing marketing opportunities

Howard Kingston is an active member of the UK’s start-­up scene. A serial entrepreneur, he has built an extensive expertise in digital marketing, growth hacking, user engagement, gamification theory, and consumer sensory responses. Howard is a regular speaker at international tech and advertising events. He most recently introduced Sensory Ad Science in a keynote at SXSW Interactive.

Ben Hoyle is also a scientist. Actually, he is a cosmologist. He brings his proficiency in research and managing large data sets to the way we manage, interpret, optimise and prioritise real-time advertising and consumer data to develop and deliver the best ads online.

Andy Williams has an extensive background in software development across a diverse range of industries, and has been writing code since the age of eight. He leads an impressive technical team that includes international experts in HTML5, ReactJS, Node.js, Javascript, Redis, Amazon Web Services, Erlang and EventStore.

Paul Coggins is our CEO. He has over sixteen years of senior management experience in digital, innovation, and building entrepreneurial online start-­ups to profit, international expansion and scale. Paul was previously Managing Director and Global VP Mobile at Ebuzzing (now called Teads), a leading global video platform. He helped launch the company in the UK in June 2010, quickly evolving it into a multi­-million pound operation, and in 2013 led the group’s global mobile offering. In 2008 he guided through acquisition and exit to Ticketmaster.

Who are your major backers? The good folks at Belderton Capital, Passion Capital and Episode1.

Whats the track record? Adludio launched in 2013 and was named ‘Hot Company of the Year’ at Festival of Media Global. Within the next twelve months, we were working with iconic brands such as Unilever, Sky, Nestle, ITV and the BBC. In the second half of 2014, and with an established presence in the UK, we moved into global markets, opening an office in Paris and launching a first German campaign with Sony Music Entertainment. We generated a lot of press in marketing and advertising titles such as Marketing Magazine, Brand Republic, The Drum, Campaign and Mobile Marketeer, and have been covered in Tech Crunch, The Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and others in the tech and financial news. Adludio also won Best User Experience at the MOMAs and collected an Innovation Trophy (Gold) at Eurobest Lions Festival.

What do they say? An innovative way for us to effectively communicate with our target audience, building brand sentiment and engagement

What does this mean? We want better advertising! Gone are the days of ‘tell’ and interruptive ads. Brands and advertisers are increasingly demanding technical solutions that will enable them to build sentiment online and reach their audiences in a positive experience that works across devices. And that is exactly why iconic brands like Unilever, Nestle, Acer, and Sky are working with Adludio.

What makes your company different from its competitors? Adludio is the award-­winning ad tech company behind Sensory Ad Science, a mobile-­first technique that takes the best of learning science and combines it with data science to deliver compelling, effective and memorable brand advertising. We partner with global publishers to seek out those special moments where people are most open to engaging with brands, creating better brand experiences that users participate in and enjoy. Adludio uniquely leverages the power of sensory learning science, combining touch, visual and audio, to ensure a direct brand engagement that is memorable and drives positive sentiment.
Our Sensory Ad Science is built upon an upgraded HTML5, that means our ads work on all devices and browsers in the market today, but will also be compatible with future devices such as wearables, virtual reality and IoT.

First clients? Unilever, Nestle, Renault, Sky, BBC, ITV, P&G, Acer, Bauer Media, Sony Music Entertainment.

How could your company change the world? We aim to create a sensory layer that connects the online environment with people’s senses. Advertising is just the start, we want audiences to experience the connected world in the same seamless way they are used to interacting with the ‘physical’ world.

Who do they compete with? Other Ad Tech providers that are creating better solutions for online and mobile advertising.

Who should be worried? People who believe Kodak is the future.

If you could choose any investor globally who would it be? Uncle Scrooge? But only on those rare days he is feeling generous.

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world who would it be?
Santa’s elves. Maybe we could arrange a secondment and train up Santa’s army in digital delivery.

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