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Apple users can block ads with iOS 9

Earlier in the week Apple unveiled its new iOS 9 software with improvements to Siri, a News App, among many other additions. One change that it didn’’t highlight, however, is the new ability to block web ads in Safari.


According to the developer notes for the latest version of Safari, the updated web browser will include developer support to block “cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content”, as it looks to crack down on mobile ad revenue.

The desktop version of Apple’s Safari browser has supported ad-blocking tools for a while but this will be the first time that it will be brought to the mobile version.

When iOS 9 launches in the fall, users will be able to go to the app store and download an extension that blocks ads on most news sites.

This new extension could be bad news for publishers who have been focusing on generating revenue from mobile audiences, and for advertisers who are already struggling with mobile targeting and tracking limitations.

It is also worth noting that Apple’s News App will be based on Apple’s iAds, which most would assume cannot be blocked by available third-party extensions.

Apple also announced this week that it is to launch a new streaming service ‘Apple Music’ –which will compete with the likes of Spotify, Amazon and Google.

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