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Brand needs for 2021: the cookieless world, esports and ecommerce

It’s that time of year again when we ask global brands media knowledge they need to male their jobs easier over the next 12 months and the results make for interesting reading.

From these media knowledge gaps we have once again curated a programme of sessions – Festival Fridays – to educate, inspire and help brands understand the key issues of 2021.

Taking place in the virtual space for 45 mins on a Friday the sessions will feature a range of brands and other media experts providing insightful content to fill global brands’ knowledge gaps.

Interestingly some of the topics being asked for this year are similar to 12 months ago – just before the pandemic spread globally – which is perhaps a sign the advertising sector is starting to adapt to the new world order.

Understanding what the cookieless world means for first party data, what clouds are on the horizon and what are the best solutions when it comes to connecting the audiences previoulsy available via cookies; brand safety; incorporating an effective ecommerce strategy into marketing and media plans and protecting the media eco-system, are still key areas global brands want more education on.

However, new topics on their list for 2021 include greater knowledge around how esports can be immersed into media and marketing campaigns; creating a better company culture; turning words into action when it comes to giving back to communities and really making a difference for those in need.

The first session is taking place next Friday (5th Feb) at 3pm and features ClearScore and Glow London for a session around how to ensure the ethos and culture of the a brand is immersed throughout a company.

You can register for the first session here.

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