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Brand stories must ‘intersect’ with consumer need, says BBC ad sales boss

A brand story occurs when an advertisers’ expertise “intersects” with audience need, according to the BBC’s global ad sales boss Tom Bowman.

Speaking at the Festival of Media Global in Rome, Bowman -– the BBC’’s VP global strategy and sales operations -– argued that brands should learn from how journalists approach stories when devising their content marketing plans.

“If you want to do content marketing, you need to invest more to do real-time marketing,” said Bowman. “An awful lot of brands will product content and then focus on the amplification, as if it’’s an ad campaign.

“There are lessons from journalists all around us, using good selective judgement on what constitutes a good story. You as brands have deep expertise in things that matter. The story is where that intersects with the audience, and social media can help that.”

Bowman added that broadcasters like the BBC are having to evolve the way in which they interact with audiences as a result of social media.

“It is the end of the linear story. Once the news presenter played the role of oracle; now they act an as extension of the audience itself,” he said.

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