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Brexit vote sees business and finance app usage in Europe soar

App usage is up 28% in the UK over the last year according to the ‘State of Mobile: Europe’ report by Yahoo’s mobile analytics arm, Flurry.

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The report, which reveals detailed insights into mobile app activity in the UK, France and Germany over the last year, as well as global trends, draws on more than 940,000 applications, across 2.1 billion devices, in 10 billion sessions a day.

Business and finance apps captivated French and German users more in 2016 than in 2015, with session growth up 69% and 106% respectively, which Flurry director Chris Klotzbach attributed to companies “seeing an opportunity to ramp up their business chops following the Brexit vote”.

Other key insights included overall app usage (by sessions) growing 28% in the UK with British mobile users turning to their phones for social and professional tasks.

Messaging and social application sessions increased by 46%, whilst utilities and productivity application sessions grew by 45%. In France, sports apps scored an impressive growth rate, with sessions increasing by 190%.

Watch Klotzback discuss the findings in more details here.


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