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Collaboration and a spirit of togetherness

With the first quarter of the year drawing to end we thought this week it would be a good time to reflect on the trends and insights we identified from our first awards programme of 2022, Festival of Media APAC, which was completed with a ceremony yesterday (24th March).

One of the reasons for this is we find the APAC trends, more often than not, tend to set the precedent for what happens in the global sector of media for the rest of the year.

What became abundantly clear was this passion for collaboration and partnership and an overwhelming sense of togetherness, or ‘we are all in this together’ type of feel.

Clearly the pandemic and now the invasions of Ukraine – in a lot of cases around the globe – helped the world come together to try and defeat a common enemy, whether it be a pandemic or a war. Yes, there are still numerous political posturing with countries and regions jostling to ensure the best deal for themselves, but there is a desire to unite against evil, which can only be a good thing.

This was certainly reflected within the entries and the trophy winners from APAC with many campaigns adding an impact/cause element into their media campaigns. And rather than just being a green or CSR washing these are campaigns, which have set up to have a positive impact of people, places and the planet.

These campaigns have factored in experiences and ideas, which are helping to change outdated cultural and religious perceptions, helping people react to sudden crisis, disproving myths about beauty and overall using their power of persuasion for good. It is wonderful to see the likes of Lifebuoy in Vietnam and Cadbury and Dove in India helping provide support and education for businesses on the verge of collapse and educating females on what beauty really looks like, respectively. It’s great to see this and best of all its wonderful to see the industry being a force for good, which is something not normally levelled at the marketing and media sector.

Other key insights to come out of APAC and the work produced is the way brands are fully embracing technology, creativity and data. For the past few years these three areas have had an uncomfortable relationship, but when you see campaigns such as MediaCom Australia #Catsinboxes combining Amazons, cat videos and the habits of people in lockdown, and also Wavemaker India’s Not just a Cadbury’s Ad,  which partnered Bollywood talent with local businesses, combining digital, talent and real-life experiences.

What was also evident was the resurgence of Indian media and advertising. Some of the campaigns were absolutely outstanding and will certainly pick up global admiration for its work.

In fact, the level of work across the entire APAC region is going to take some beating this year. The agencies and brands have really set the bar high for 2022.

To view the APAC 2022 list in full click here

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