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CrowdReviews is about creating a unique and innovative reviews platform which gives power to the customers.

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Business name:, LLC


Twitter: @_crowdreviews_

Sector: Research and Reviews

Based in: Indiana

Regions covered: Worldwide


Jeev Trika – Owner –

Who are your major backers? N/A.

What’s the track record? N/A.

What do they say and what does this mean?

CrowdReviews is about creating a unique and innovative reviews platform which gives power to the customers. Our philosophy is to design a set of metrics and factors to determine which companies truly offer the best products and services with a transparent and easy-to-understand methodology behind them. We accept reviews and testimonials from all customers through an open platform of reporting and discussion.

What makes your company different from its competitors? 

Due to the nature of modern technology we utilise real-time factors as a means to influence our ratings. The products and services which we feature on our websites can change over time as new metrics are introduced, reviews are being collected, and as different companies showcase their latest achievements and developments. We aim to ensure that our ratings reflect the things that are relevant at the time the user is visiting our website.

Our ratings change on-the-fly based on user interactions, company responses, and outside news and information from verified sources. Our system will weigh several factors and showcase which make the most impact on a particular product’s or service’s ratings.

Who are your clients?

IT Services and Software Companies

How will your company change the world?

In addition to offer a method of leaving reviews and reviewing the ratings of the products and services featured on our website, we offer visitors to discuss the products and services in depth with those interested in learning more. Our website also allows for company representatives to update their information, post information about new products and services they have to offer, and respond to inqueries and reviews directly on their listing. This provides companies and customers the opportunity to have a unique dialogue and experience.

Who do you compete with?

G2 Crowd, Capterra and Software Advice.

Who should be worried?  Competitors.

If you could choose any investor globally who would it be? 

Forester Research

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world who would it be?  

VP Of Digital Marketing Capterra.


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