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Doritos’ ‘Ultrasound’ ad knocks Budweiser off top spot as most-shared Super Bowl ad of 2016

Budweiser’s three-year dominance of Super Bowl ad breaks has come to an end, with Doritos’ ‘Ultrasound’ ad attracting 893,465 shares, according to data supplied by Unruly.



The ad, which features a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound while her partner eats Doritos, came way ahead of T-Mobile’s ‘Restricted Bling’ starring Drake.

T-Mobile featured in the top ten three times, with two different cuts, as well as “Drop the Balls” featuring Steve Harvey.

Prior to this, Budweiser has been top of the pile for three consecutive years, this year settling for third spot with Helen Mirren’s ‘Give a Damn’ anti-drink driving commercial.

However, in total, sharing has dramatically decreased since 2015, with the top 10 ads generating around 2.9 million shares altogether, 36% down on last year’s 4.5 million shares.

Unruly Analytics ranks Facebook and YouTube videos by the number of shares on Facebook and blogs, as opposed to the number of views, therefore utilising an active share metric instead of a passive view.

Top 10 most shared ads of Super Bowl 2016

1. Doritos – “Ultrasound”

Agency: Peter Carstairs

Total shares: 893,465

2. T-Mobile – “Restricted Bling” (Extended Version)

Agency: Publicis Seattle

Total Shares: 346,854

3. Budweiser #Give a Damn

Agency: Anomaly

Total shares: 301,317

4. Pokemon – “#Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial”

Agency: Omelet

Total shares: 297,706

5. Heinz – “Wiener Stampede” (Extended Version)

Agency: DAVID Miami

Total shares: 295,805

6. Hyundai – First Date

Agency: Innocean Worldwide

Total shares: 245,656

7. Mountain Dew – #PuppyMonkeyBaby

Agency: BBDO

Total shares: 158,481

8. T-Mobile – Restricted Bling (30 Sec)

Agency: Publicis Seattle

Total shares – 124,551

9. T-Mobile – “Drop the Balls

Agency: Publicis Seattle

Total shares – 113,668

10. Heinz – Wiener Stampede (30 sec)

Agency: DAVID Miami

Total shares 111,643

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