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Ebiquity’s Nick Manning: ‘Trust doesn’t come overnight’

Ebiquity chief strategy officer Nick Manning discussed the industry issues of trust and transparency in the wake of the ANA report at Local Planet’s global conference in Cuba.


Manning stressed the importance of stating the facts to advertisers to cut through noise.

“The first thing they need to understand is how does the industry work, what are the business models that are at play here, how are people making money and how do they make sure they get the best possible result for them as advertisers,” he added.

Manning said the ANA report has put a lot more light and facts into the marketplace. “Trust isn’t something that comes overnight, it’s something that builds over a period of time,” he commented, adding that if clients can see that agencies are behaving in a transparent way, the trust will be restored.

However, Manning says the problem is deeper than just the agencies, also pointing the finger at media owners and client behaviour.

“If client behaviour encourages agencies to behave in a particular way, they will.”


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