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Facebook follows Instagram in swiping Snapchat’s style

Following Instagram’s release of the Stories feature earlier in the month, Facebook is now testing ‘selfie filters’, a function normally associated with rival platform Snapchat.

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The new Facebook feature, positioned at the top of some Canadian and Brazilian users’ timelines, allows them to overlay Olympic-themed filters on photos taken in-app using the ‘selfie’ camera, utilising a Masquerade app that it purchased in March 2016.

If the function is popular with consumers then it will be rolled out globally.

Snapchat Lenses has offered a similar facial-recognition feature employing a range of daily filters, some sponsored by brands.

Earlier in August, Facebook-owned Instagram unveiled its own take on Snapchat’s popular Stories function, imaginatively named Instagram Stories, allowing users to share chronological slideshows of videos and pictures with platform connections, with the streams disappearing after 24 hours.

However, in July, Snapchat introduced a Memories function, going against its ephemeral origins, allowing users to create personal collections of their favourite snaps and stories.

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