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Festival Intelligence: Online video ‘gets the look’ for personal care brands in Argentina

Given that it’s the third most highly engaged social networking market worldwide, brands across Argentina are taking advantage of the ever-increasing rise in online video and social influencers to create educational, digital content hubs, inspiring a new form of engagement with consumers.

Despite the prevailing strong presence of TV and print media as advertising mediums, digital ad spend in Argentina is predicted to reach almost $1.06 billion this year, according to Statista, and that is only set to propel further over the next three years, topping $1.31 billion by 2021.

There were 17 campaign entries from Argentina to make it onto this year’s Festival of Media LatAm Awards 2018 shortlist, second only to Mexico (30) and on par with Colombia (17). Representing 15% of the total shortlist, we dug a little deeper into the work coming from Argentina to discover what’s happening across the country from a creative and media perspective.

By category, Argentina’s strongest shortlist performance is in the ‘Best Use of Digital Platforms’ category, with three campaigns, while ‘The Effectiveness Award’, ‘Best Launch Campaign’, ‘Best Communications Strategy’ and ‘Best Campaign for a Local Brand’ categories all had two campaigns each.

IPG’s Initiative was the most represented media agency from Argentina, responsible for more than half (59%) of entries featured, followed by UM (23%), Havas Media (12%) and MediaCom (6%).

Perhaps the most interesting performance was from a brand category perspective. With a smattering of entries from Food & Beverages, Media & Entertainment and Automotive brands, the Argentinian entries were dominated by FMCG and, more specifically, personal care brands — which accounted for more than 40% of the total shortlisted campaigns.

Given Argentina’s highly engaged social networking audience, it’s unsurprising that digital and social played a crucial part in all campaigns — ranging from digital music partnerships to interactive rich media ads, dynamic creative to programmatic technology. Geo-location also popped up in many of these campaigns as a key technique to support mobile audience targeting and retargeting efforts.

For personal care brands in particular (skincare and haircare) the most important digital media channel proved to be online video, more specifically YouTube. This is backed up by the fact that L’Oreal Paris Argentina is the top YouTube brand by uploaded video views (242 million), according to Socialbakers.  

Within the FOMLA Awards shortlisted campaigns we have based this insight on, brands are making use of vloggers and key influencers to create consumer centric digital content hubs with advisory content focused on ‘how to’ guides and tutorials, using keyword and search data to boost the impact and results of those campaigns.

Alita Pereyra, Reprise Creative Studios Executive Director, and a judge for this year’s FOMLA Awards, said: “Having unique selling propositions is becoming an old school myth among the Personal Care (and CPG in general) category. The industry moves fast and launching a “recent hit lookalike product” is now a matter of months. The same effect is hitting the comms landscape. You see live campaigns where it gets really hard to tell the difference between one product and the other, while brands struggle to improve their brand recall metrics.

“That’s why data is so relevant, thanks to data triggers we can create personalised communications at scale. Dynamic creative assets and a strong programmatic strategy are making the difference when massive communication tends to standardise messages in the search for plain reach. The sweet balance between reach and precision marketing is where we are heading. Everybody talks about data, but getting it right and having innovative cases to show is our main strength as a company. We have the creative thinkers and the tech savvy under the same roof. It’s not just about the data, it’s all about the creative ways you use it.”

Google research shows that Argentinian women are heavy social users; they spend more time on social media and YouTube than anywhere else, 83% are connected everyday and four in 10 watch online video frequently. But beyond just enjoying online video, the research suggests that they are actually influenced by it and it results in unprecedented lifts in consideration, favouritism and purchase intent. Six in 10 would even follow the advice of a favourite creator over a favourite TV/movie personality on what to buy, and four in 10 users have confirmed to buy products after having seen them used by an influencer on an Instagram, Twitter or YouTube profile.

But despite this power of influence, TGI research suggests that Argentinian women are faithful consumers: 82% of them trust just one brand to fulfill their category needs. In order to maintain customer loyalty in the age of social media, FMCG and personal care brands first need to understand what conversations their consumers are having and where, find an ownable moment in their daily regimes and become part of it to ensure meaningful connections.  

We put the spotlight on two Festival of Media LatAm Awards 2018 shortlisted entries, which highlight this trend:

All Things Hair | Unilever | Initiative | Argentina

Shortlisted for: Best Influencer Campaign, Best Use of Data


To take advantage of search trends and increase awareness about Unilever products in a native way, Unilever launched “All Things Hair” – a digital platform where consumers of the hair category can find the widest proposal of hairstyling tutorials made by local vloggers. The main objective of All Things Hair is to address consumer search queries by partnering with influential vloggers and leverage the strength of Sedal, Tresemme and Dove.

Because of the behaviour of the user in this category and the constant growth of online video consumption, All Things Hair YouTube channel was developed with more than 116 tutorials filmed by five of the most popular local YouTubers in Argentina in the beauty category. Then, based on the search trends of the target, the agency selected three topics to produce the content.

The five influencers of All Things hair provided smart and insightful inspiration along with tips, hacks and products, like no other. It wanted to fuel people to constantly play and experiment with their hair. The content within the channel was organised in different playlists according to different kinds of hair, weather, trends, etc. It also took advantage of the engagement of the YouTubers to create specific playlists based on their own style.

Help is one wipe away | Neutrogena | UM | Argentina

Shortlisted for: Best Use of Digital Platforms, Best Communications Strategy, Best Launch Campaign


Neutrogena´s competitors are very well-known and established brands in the market. Pretty hard to fight them for Spontaneous Awareness being one of the smallest players in town. To add some drama, UM knows how difficult it is for women to switch their everyday beauty brand for a new expensive one. Putting Neutrogena´s portfolio to the test, Skin Cleansing Wipes had two main benefits it could turn into an advantage: it represented a low out of pocket choice to try the Brand for the first time and had higher performance vs competitors.

In the agency’s discovery process it analysed competitors’ wipes communication and found that the conversation was mainly about daily care routine and skin cleansing. None of them were talking about removing makeup. Taking into account that Argentines wear makeup everyday and are heavy consumers of makeup tutorials, it found an ownable tension: making mistakes while trying makeup on. That’s how #NeutrogenaToTheRescue was born: a Wipes Campaign to help women face the make up crisis everyone has when contouring their faces for the first time or copying Amy Winehouse’s eyelining style (that only Amy could achieve error-free).

The campaign would start where the audience is and where Neutrogena’s competitors are not: linked to beauty ‘How to’s on YouTube. It would own the sweet spot and build reach with a strategy that would deliver relevant content. Every time a potential Neutrogena Wipes buyer searched for certain makeup related keywords or viewed beauty ‘How to’ tutorials, it would be there celebrating making mistakes in order to try new things.

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