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Festival of Media’s ‘Boredom Busters’ for self isolation

It’s fair to say none of us expected to have our social calendars wiped overnight and although most of us  know it’s for our own good the prospect of being cooped up indoors without access to any of our usual stress relievers is quite daunting.

To stop you climbing the walls, we’ve put together some boredom busters we hope might help to pass some of the time.

  1. Just because we’re isolating doesn’t mean we can’t be connecting. Harness the power of technology and why not set up a virtual book club, or have a movie night where you all watch the same film?
  1. There’s never been a better time to learn a new skill, or finally perfect that hobby you’ve never been able to make time to do.
  1. Although we can’t go very far that’s no excuse to stop moving! There’s heaps of online workouts on YouTube and our favourite picks  include Joe Wicks HIT sessions and Yoga with Adrienne.
  1. If it’s serenity you’re after you could always relax during golden hour by watching the sunset off the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. You can take a virtual tour of the famous Irish landmark on the Cliffs of Moher website.
  1. Whilst you won’t be able to get the stamps on your passport just yet you can take a guided tour of some of worlds most famous landmarks. Thanks to Google’s Hidden World of National Parks you can voyage virtually to five national parks including the picturesque Hawai’I Volcanoes National Park.
  1. For the thrill seekers YouTube has a whole host of Disney and other theme park rides filmed to take views on the rollercoaster adrenaline without any of the motion sickness.
  1. Direct from your living room you could get a front row seat to watch some world class artists as many of your favourite musicians have been live-streaming performances.
  1. Seeing as you are going to have all this extra time on your hands we heard a great way to keep your grey-matter active is to work on your entries for Global Awards, which as luck would have it opened for entries yesterday.

Most importantly make sure you stay safe in these challenging times.

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