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Pepsico CMO declares TV is here to stay

17 April 2012
Pepsico CMO declares TV is here to stay
Pepsico executive vice-president and chief marketing officer Salman Amin kicked off Day Two of the Festival of Media Global declaring that television will be the next best thing and is here to stay.

During his session, which was entitled ‘the next best thing?’ Amin praised TV as the medium of choice, stating that “the next big thing is already here” and how it will be a “thrilling period to see how this chapter will unfold”.

Amin spoke of how TV has transformed into a time-shifted TV experience, meaning that consumers can access TV not just in the living room, but from everywhere. In another major shift, he looked at the redefinition of the social experience around TV.
He then went on to say that “great storytelling is key” and is all that a brand owner is interested in. “It’s all about the content and great content equals great storytelling,” says Amin.

Amin urged media agencies: “Don’t bring me media plans, bring me amazing stories, insights and ideas. I need amazing ground breaking stories that capture consumers.”

While digital has dominated discussion at the Festival of Media over the last few days, the future of traditional media has not been overlooked with 94% of advertisers stating that print media also has a future.

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Jenni Baker, Montreux


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