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Global media trends and insights with Truffle Pig founder Alex Jutkowitz

M&M fired eight quick questions at Truffle Pig founder Alex Jutkowitz to find out what he thinks is driving global media.

What are the key trends and insights driving global media in 2018?

We are living in a world of uncertainty. This is much bigger than any one industry. It affects the solutions we devise for our clients, in the same way that it affects how any company produces goods or provides services. It’s a massive change.

What is the toughest challenge the industry faces?

The biggest challenge facing communications is the same challenge facing any business—volatility. In order to meet it you have to develop the agility inside yourself and inside your organisation to respond to change and to meet challenges that may have seemed unimaginable until just a short time ago.

What does success look like for you in 2018?

Redefining how the game is played. As marketers we must challenge the norm and use creativity to blaze a new path forward and change the rules.

What is the key to winning new business?

It’s about bringing enough ingenuity and creativity that you’re capable of solving the company’s challenge at hand. But the key is that you do it faster and with less resources than you thought you needed.

What do you find clients want more than ever?

Because of the speed of our public conversations and the sheer amount of information out there we live in an age defined by stories. Clients want people to know what their company does and what it stands for. In my belief the best way to do it is to weave those ideas into a story that the consumer will remember and become attached to. Clients also want trusted strategic advisors who provide an informed outside perspective on the core issues that affect their business.

How does the industry develop measurement standards for digital that are universal?

Storytelling is universal and that’s the metric we are gravitating towards at Truffle Pig. We are breaking down what makes good stories, their impact on readers and viewers and turning it into measurable standards that we can track over time. We call it The Strategic Storytelling Index.

How important is inclusivity to your business?

It is paramount. As storytellers we believe that the more diverse our teams the more diverse the imagination and creativity we can bring to our insights and our products.

How do media owners and tech companies capitalize on the changing media landscape?

Continue to tell stories that smarten-up the conversation. Telling stories is an inherently innovative act, and to do so is to be a catalyst for positive change.

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