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Global trends and insights with Fyber’s Einav Dinur

M&M Global sat down with Einav Dinur, VP Marketing, Fyber to discuss what she feels is driving media around the world.

What are the key trends and insights driving global media in 2018?

Header bidding is certainly taking off growing 202% over the last year. But it’s not living up to its true promise, which is to allow all potential buyers, regardless of their buying platform, to compete simultaneously for impression as well as enable publishers to drive yields by ensuring every impression is awarded to the brand-safe buyer willing to pay the most for it.

What is the toughest challenge the industry faces?

By far it’s trust. There’s too much obfuscation in the ecosystem. Buyers don’t know how impressions are rewarded (first-price auction? Second-price auction?) which means they don’t know how to hone their bidding strategy and drive efficiency. And with all of the intermediaries that exist between the buyer and seller brands have no control over where their ads will appear, which is why we continue to see ads from premium brands placed next to inappropriate content.

What does success look like for you in 2018?

Right now we’re focused on delivering on the promise of header bidding, which means eliminating the waterfalls, which are inherent in the current header bidding solutions. At its core header bidding solves a lot of challenges for both buyers and sellers. The industry needs to deliver on it. So success means simultaneous auctions between all buyers in real time.

What is the key to winning new business?

Demonstrating transparency. I think both buyers and sellers are aware of the technical challenges in digital advertising and they’re keen to try new strategies. But all too often, their tech partners aren’t upfront about limitations, or the way their solutions actually work. They say ‘trust us’. When it comes to winning new business, ‘trust, but verify’ is the key and we believe that transparency is the best verification mechanism.

What do you find clients want more than ever?

Quality. Buyers want to insure the impressions they pay for are viewable, seen by humans, and brand-safe. They want high-quality ad formats that captivate consumers. They’re willing to pay for a high level of quality too, but all too often their place in the waterfall prevents them from competing for the impressions that meet their standards.

How does the industry develop measurement standards for digital that are universal?

That’s a really tough question because the industry has many points of view that must be reconciled in order for a standard to be accepted as universal. Take viewability as an example. Broadly speaking buyers feel as though viewability should be table stakes: if an ad isn’t in view, why should they pay for it? For publishers such an absolute stance meant they could only monetize a smaller portion of their inventory and felt that viewable impressions should come at a premium. To develop a standard everyone is willing to adopt it must benefit everyone equally. That’s hard to do.

How do media owners and tech companies capitalise on the changing media landscape?

In our industry change is synonymous with innovation. Media owners and tech companies who are willing to embrace innovation will benefit in myriad ways.

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