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Grammy Awards CMO Evan Greene on Intel’s ‘game-changing’ tie-up with Lady Gaga

Intel and Lady Gaga’s David Bowie tribute at this year’s Grammy Awards has “changed the dialogue” for what is capable in music themed marketing activity.

Evan Greene, chief marketing officer at The Recording Academy – the organisation that runs The Grammys – made the claim when talking to M&M Global at the Festival of Media Global 2016.

Greene argued that the Intel-Lady Gaga partnership, which saw the singer perform some of Bowie’s biggest hits with his numerous guises projected on to her face, was a “game-changer” for the way brands can use music in their campaigns.

“Music creates an emotional connection, and what try and do is to figure out how we can tell that story, and become a deeper part of the cultural narrative going on around music,” said Greene.

“The key is you need to understand what your brand is about, and what you stand for. It is about authenticity. If you have authenticity you have trust, and if you have trust that becomes the cornerstone for building a community.”

The “ground-breaking and revolutionary” performance showed what can be achieved when a large brand and popular artist collaborate for a major live event: “What was interesting is that we brought three partners together – the Grammys, [Lady] Gaga and Intel – who by themselves had a massive amount to offer. When you bring them together, the sum of those parts was exponentially larger.

“It was a massively powerful partnership, and it changed the dialogue about what Intel is capable of, and it changed the idea of what Grammy moments can become.”

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