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Half of global digital ad dollars going to Google and Facebook, says report

Global digital ad spend will account for 38.3% of the total 2017 media ad spend of $583.91bn, according to a new report by eMarketer.


The ‘Worldwide Digital Ad Spend’ forecast has shown that global digital ad spending will grow by 17.4% this year to reach $223.74bn, with Facebook and Google set to continue to dominate the digital market.

Google’s revenues are set to jump 17.8% this year to take a 33% share of the global digital ad market, while Facebook is predicted to grow 35% year-on-year to reach a 16.2% share.

Combined, this means that Google and Facebook account for nearly half (49.2%) of all digital ad dollars spend globally.

Google’s share of global search will grow 18.1% to $61.8bn at 61.6% of the total, with an 11.2% share of the global display market. Facebook will dominate global display, with revenues jumping 35% to $36.29bn of the global display market thanks to increased user time and Instagram.

“This year, Facebook and Google will once again emerge as the global leaders in digital advertising scooping up almost half of worldwide digital ad money, tapping on continued strength in mobile and video advertising,” said eMarketer forecasting analyst Shelleen Shum.

“Facebook and Google’s dominance in mobile advertising remains intact as they take up over half of worldwide mobile ad revenues throughout the forecast period.”

In 2017, Snapchat’s global ad revenue, which is made up entirely of mobile display, is predicted to grow by 163.3% to $900m, following its IPO. However, on a global scale, Snapchat’s ad business remains small, only accounting for 0.6% of the global mobile ad market in 2017 and a predicted 1.4% by 2019.

The only other potential rivals to Facebook and Google are Chinese companies Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (BAT). “The BAT companies are expected to experience resilient digital and mobile ad revenue growth as they start to fully monetize their various advertising products,” concluded Shum.

Last week, eMarketer published a report showing that more than half of all digital advertising investment in Germany this year will be spent on mobile ads – read more here.

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