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Havas Group ups focus on data and programmatic with new training regime

Over 25% of Havas Group employees have engaged to become ‘100% programmatic’ through a new proprietary training scheme.


The internal certification programme, called 100% Programmatic, aims to give knowledge and hands-on activities as well as in-house analysis via proprietary online learning platform Havas University.

“The programme was built by a very passionate team who shared their expertise to help us step up our game and lead the way,” explained Havas Media Group chief human resources officer Celine Merle-Beral.

“This investment is part of Havas’ commitment to our people, to their personal development, and to our common future.”

The course will offer eight to 10 hours of online courses with rich content in three levels – fundamentals, advanced and elite. Of the surveyed participants, 96% feel more confident speaking about programmatic with 97% recommending it to their colleagues.

Participants commented that the course increase “agility and ease” in the field in front of clients, and was presented in a relevant way when optimising and correcting media plans, making its role in the future of advertising and communicating with audiences clear.

The programme began with a pilot test between May and July for employees in 15 countries, with the first phase rolling out in September. The next phase is due to launch in February, with client and partner versions also available.

“Our vision is focused on the future,” said Havas Media Group chief executive and Havas Group deputy CEO Alfonso Rodés Vilà.

“Programmatic is the new reality and whatever our role is, we must understand audiences, addressable content and personalised messages. Media will essentially become code – ones and zeros – and knowing how to approach this coded data will set us apart from the rest of the industry.”

Havas Worldwide and Havas Creative Group global chief executive Andrew Bennett commented that programmatic is “more than media”.

“It reflects a total change in our industry and has vast implications for creativity as well,” he added.

“We have always used audience data and personalised messaging to drive creative solutions, and now we can do that through automation to achieve scale. It’s just as important for our creative teams to understand this as our media teams.”

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