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Hitting ‘publish’ is only the beginning

Wondering if you’re using content effectively? Trying to turn interest in your content into interest in your business? 

We have a few recommendations on leveraging a brand publishing framework that adapts to your needs – no matter the size of your organisation. But why publish content at all?

Brand publishing can satisfy a number of marketing objectives. You just have to decide which ones matter most to you.

Branding – Studies show that consumers prefer to get to know a brand through content rather than ads, and they think more favourably of brands that publish content regularly than those that don’t.

Engagement – Publishing content on a regular schedule helps you maintain regular contact with consumers and earn their consideration of your products.

Conversions – You may have a singular KPI in mind that equates to success, like email subscriptions, online purchases, or use of a custom utility app, like a trip-planner or mortgage calculator. It’s your site – you get to define it, design it, and get people to use it.

Retargeting – Your display ads hold much more potential when they appear to consumers who have already signaled an interest in your brand via content.

Insight – Mapping patterns of engagement with content can clarify marketing strategy for driving business – both online and offline.


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