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HuffPo launches in Australia, with China and Mexico next on the hitlist

The Huffington Post is launching in Australia, with more international expansion into China and Mexico also in the works.

Huffington Post

The Australian launch will see the AOL-owned news site partner with Fairfax Media, giving it a presence in another major market.

The Huffington Post, which last year launched in India, said that it would hire Australian editors and reporters to work independently of Fairfax.

Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post, said: “Australia was always on our roadmap for the future. It’s incredibly important for us to be there, and it was just a question of settling on the right partner.”

The Huffington Post will own 51% of the joint venture, while Fairfax will own 49%. Its move to Australia will take its presence to a total of 14 countries.

The Australia launch will act as a larger stepping stone for the larger Chinese market, which the company said will focus more on lifestyle content, choosing to avoid controversial topics such as politics.

“When it comes to lifestyle, which is what we would like to do in China, all the areas where The Huffington Post has thought leadership and very deep content… that’s an area where we’re getting tremendous interest in China and where we would have a lot of value added,” said Huffington.

BuzzFeed, Vice, and Mashable are some of the other digital media players that have also established Australian news rooms.

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