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Influencers can now become their own media company, says Whalerock CEO

We have to embrace the reality of where the consumer is and where they are getting their content, says Lloyd Braun, CEO of Whalerock.

Lloyd Braun

Speaking at the Festival of Media Global in Rome, Braun was joined by Ambarish Mitra, co-founder and CEO of Blippar to discuss disruption and how breakthrough business models are defining a new status quo.

Braun explored how we can embrace the new media model for TV that leaves power today in the hands of celebrities and content creators.

“Influencers are able to now become their own media company and can create and distribute any imaginable form of content,” he said.

“We aren’t limited to any specific type of media – they are truly 360 degree experiences.”

Whalerock is now aiming to create a new model for where it believes media companies are going.

“Why do media companies exist in the first place? I think the answer is distribution. Distribution was controlled by media companies and if you did not have a media company prepared to distribute your product it wouldn’t work… But that’s now changed,” said Braun.

The distribution component has now been removed from the equation, said Braun. He believes that in this new world that we’re living in, the people who are going to sit at the top will be the biggest influences and brands who can distribute their content without having to go to a media company and go direct to consumers.

Touching on live streaming, Braun described this kind of new tech as “incremental streams” for brands.

“We’’re at the tip of the spear but we’re trying to program these mobile devices in a way that allows people to access all sorts of content and experiences without having to be a part of the ‘bundle’.”

“You can’t stop the march of technology – it is disruptive,” he said.

Blippar’’s Mitra followed after to discuss how augmented reality is enhancing the world for us, with several major brands around the world now using the app which creates their most traffic.

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