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Instagram ads open to all as new formats and features rolled out

Instagram showcased its new ad formats and features to Dmexco delegates this morning and confirmed that by the end of the month, Instagram ads will be available to all advertisers globally. 


Amy Cole, head of brand development EMEA and the 7th member of the original Instagram team, announced that the roll-out of its advertising API and the integration into Facebook’s Power Editor, has resulted in Instagram ads launching into 30 new markets around the world, just last week. By the end of September, all advertisers everywhere will be given access.

According to Cole, Instagram’s 300 million users currently share 70 million images a day and ‘like’ 2.5 billion images a day. Ad recall from sponsored posts on the platform is 2.8 times higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising and the platform is now ready to scale into direct response.

Cole said: “We’re giving people the ability to take more actions on sponsored posts. With just one tap, users can shop, download an app, play a game or learn more. Over the past month, we’ve been working with a number of advertisers to test website conversion and app installs and we’ve seen some really strong results.”

The latest Instagram advertising initiative is called Marquee. It allows advertisers to run a high-impact, single day campaign and reach a larger proportion of the overall user base.

Cole further confirmed that Instagram is now offering brands 30-second video ads, along with landscape dimensions and a wider array of ‘call to actions’ for its direct response formats.

All formats and placements will be available through Facebook’s self-service ad interface, Ads API and Power Editor, which will allow for greater demographic and granular interest targeting.

“Instagram and Facebook are powerful mobile platforms and we understand that they deliver a unique consumer experience. As an advertiser, you can now take advantage of the back-end to plan and deliver more sophisticated campaigns across both platforms,” Cole concluded.

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