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Instagram reveals new 30 second video ads

Instagram is looking to make advertising more accessible to small and large businesses on a self-serve basis through the introduction of 30-second video adverts.


The new adverts, which will be available from 30 September and utilise Facebook’s ad infrastructure, are designed to help advertisers target their audiences more effectively, as well as allowing consumers to learn more and shop directly from Instagram.

A summer trial period has reportedly seen businesses of all sizes receive “significant demand, particularly in areas like e-commerce, travel, entertainment and retail” and 97% of measured Instagram campaigns generated significant lifts in ad recall.

Initial indicators are reported to show high potential, with CTRs around two-and-half-times the industry average for social ads, and CPM still low compared to other social media platforms, according to Instagram.

David Zelniker, product manager at marketing software company Kenshoo reckons that ad copy and creative needs to be unique and compelling for an Instagram audience. “This makes sense because of the audience’s focus on the visual, meaning ads need to be visually appealing and use high-level creative,” he said.

“Ads created for other social platforms may not translate well to Instagram, so auto-importing ads from Facebook campaigns doesn’t cut it, especially as they’re different sizes anyway.”

Zelniker went on to stress the importance of testing and optimising ad targeting based on performance data.

New capabilities unrolled will also include landscape photo and video, delivery and optimisation tools to drive performance and a premium product called ‘Marquee’ designed for movie premieres and new product launches.

Instagram adverting will now be available in 30 new countries including Italy, Spain, Mexico, India and South Korea.

To hear more about these developments, check out Instagram director of brand development Daniel Habashi’s talk at LatAm Festival of Media.

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