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Instagram turns on ad API, opening advertising to any brand

Instagram has gone live with its advertising API (application programming interface), a move that enables any advertiser to plan and buy space through media agencies and programmatic specialists and place ads on users’ feeds.

InstagramThe news follows last month’s unveiling of the ad API on Instagram’s website.

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has announced deals with 11 marketing partners, which work with brands and agencies to target consumers. The list includes MediaVest, Salesforce, Unified, 4C, Kenshoo and Laundry Service.

The agreements mean that advertisers can now plan and buy visual and video ads on Instagram via those media agency and ad technology partners in the same way that they would for the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Previously, advertisers and agencies would have had to buy space by directly contacting Instagram’s sales team.

For instance, Unified said that its 600 customers and ad agencies can “now drive marketing success with the 300 million people on Instagram worldwide using the Unified Social Operating Platform”.

The marketing technology firm said that its customers were some of the first to be given access to the Instagram ads API during pre-launch testing, crediting the platform with “strong campaign performance”.

Jason Beckerman, Unified’s chief product officer, said: “I’ve not seen anything this powerful since the launch of the original Facebook advertising API in 2011, which has since driven substantial success and revenue for some of the world’s biggest brands.”

In March, Instagram introduced ‘carousel’ ads, while in June Instagram said it would test an ad format that lets viewers click on a link in order to purchase a product or install an app.

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