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Campari– ‘150 stories’

06 October 2011
Campari– ‘150 stories’






April-Dec 2010



Drinks (Alcoholic)

In many markets, Campari’s advertising had traditionally followed a glamorous route, but research revealed that campaigns with too much of a high-end look only succeeded in placing the brand in an unrealistic world that was out of the reach of many Brazilian consumers.

As Campari prepared for its 150th anniversary, it wanted to find relevance with modern drinkers to help it celebrate the occasion. If Campari was a unique drink, so were the people who make it their drink of choice.

Through a special Campari website, fans could apply to participate in the ‘150 Diferentes’ project and tell their own story. The best candidates would be selected and then successful fans contacted. A customised Campari-branded car toured key states,
recording footage for a documentary.

As videos were produced, they were released on a branded YouTube channel. A Facebook page and official Campari Twitter account communicated news and updates to fans.


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