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Purina – ‘Dog chow to the rescue’

06 October 2011
Purina – ‘Dog chow to the rescue’


Dog Chow (Purina)




May-July 2010




Pet Food

About 88,700 stray dogs live on the streets of Bogota, Colombia. Shelters offer a temporary solution but a lack of resources means these dogs are often culled. Purina Dog Chow intervened to save the lives of thousands of dogs, with the help of its consumers.

Dog owners registered their pets online and, for each registration, Dog Chow guaranteed to feed a homeless dog in a shelter. Registered dogs received a free sample through the mail and a discount coupon for further retail purchases.

To generate the maximum number of leads, it was also necessary for Purina to create registration opportunities for owners who didn’t have internet access.

Dog-owning celebrities were enlisted to the cause, taking the campaign to TV shows and advertorial print features. Purina took over different places in the city where dog owners congregated. Celebrities visited these locations and encouraged dog walkers to register.

An online community for the cause gave pet owners a space to share their experiences. Purina aimed to generate 100,000 registrations in six months, but achieved 115,000 in two months.


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