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James Vance

James Vance

: Digital media director

What creative innovations have you implemented in the past 12 months?

In order to place one of LatAm’s beloved brands in the hands of all its fans, for the time ever in LatAm we designed PlayStation’s brand sticker on Foursquare’s Swarm, with the PS4 controller turning fans into brand advocates. The controller could be used as a badge of honour when checking into their favourite locations.

Provide an example of how you have helped transform brand awareness.

Tiff any & Co recently launched their new collection of men’s watches in LatAm. In order to shift perception of it from being solely a brand for women’s fashion and bridal jewellery, we partnered with one of Mexico’s luxury watch connoisseurs to shoot a series of videos that would talk to Tiffany’s credibility and authority in men’s luxury watch design and craftsmanship.

M&M-BadgeGive an example of how you have used new technology.

The discovery of unique and non-traditional data sources has been a big win for our clients. Leveraging data from relevant publishers, complementary brands or brand advocates such as influencers to power our campaigns has helped drive smarter media buys not only through programmatic but also in reserve media, as well as influencing audience targeting.

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