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Kinetic Worldwide introduces programmatic OOH service for UK and US

WPP’s out-of-home specialists Kinetic has announced a new programmatic offering, set to launch in Q1 2016.


The system, which will be available in the US and UK, aims to offer advertisers a range of automated methods through which they can buy out-of-home media.

Kinetic also aims to tackle the issues raised by the wide range of non-digital media assets involved when implementing programmatic buying methodologies.

“People often hear the word programmatic and think real-time bidding but that’s only one colour in the programmatic spectrum,” said Kinetic global head of data, tools and research Paula Fernandez. “We know we can’t limit our innovation in this area to digital when the majority of out-of-home assets around the world are currently static.

“That’s why we are implementing a variety of automation methods, so we can make buying the entire assortment of formats out-of-home media offers more efficient and effective.”

Kinetic is already working with a number of outdoor media partners globally to try to make implementation as smooth implementation as possible. The platform will also allow Kinetic use and apply client data better to define more precisely targeted audience segments.

“By automating the transactional part of media buying, we enable our team to focus on what can never be automated: high-level strategy, creativity and client service,” says Kinetic global chief exec Mauricio Sabogal.

“Programmatic buying will allow us to get results for our clients in more efficient, more impactful ways.”

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