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Lego YouTube film imagines Singapore half a century from now

Lego has encouraged Singapore’s children and adults to use its plastic blocks to build a vision of what the city-state might look like in 50 years’ time, and produced a film showing the results.

The campaign celebrates Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence (SG50) and aims to capture the ‘Kampung Spirit’ – or ‘mutual consideration’ – that characterises the city.

Lego worked with agency Iris on the ‘Rebuild’ project, which drew together kids and adults, with the former creating the vision of Singapore half a century from now, when Singapore will be celebrating SG100.

Here is the three-minute film that resulted and was posted on YouTube:

The film is part of Lego Singapore’s broader ‘Rebuild Your Memories’ campaign.

Dan Luo, Lego Singapore’s country manager, said: “We saw what progress looks like through the eyes of six-year-old kids, what their dream city would be. It was fascinating to see what their priorities were for Singapore.

“Sometimes we might lose what is most important in the pursuit of development – spending time with loved ones, and taking care of our communities. That is what togetherness is all about, and that is what celebrating SG50 is all about.”

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