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Lucky 13: Claudine Collins, MediaCom

Claudine Collins, managing director at MediaCom UK, got as far as ‘A’ for ‘advertising’ in the career guide A-Z, and has never looked back.

Claudine Collins, managing director, MediaCom UK
Claudine Collins, managing director, MediaCom UK

1 – Summarise yourself in three words.

“Tenacious, passionate, focused.”

2 – What made you want to pursue a career in media and marketing?

“I really didn’t know what to do after I finished my A-levels, so I went to the careers library and got as far as ‘AD’ – and ‘advertising’ – in the guide. I thought it looked like a fun industry and decided I would try my hand at that. I haven’t looked back.”

3 – Describe your ideal client.

“One who is open to ideas, likes being challenged and says thank you when it is warranted.”

4 – Name your favourite ever campaign.

“Cancer Research UK – ‘Cancer Is Happening Right Now’.”

5 – Which award win are you most proud of, and why?

“Being named the number one media buyer in the UK in 2009 when I was MediaCom’s press director. As the only woman in the top 10 list too, I was thrilled to come top.”

6 – Who is the best industry speaker you have seen?

“Recently Alex Steer, head of technology, effectiveness and data at Maxus, a very bright young man. But also Richard Eyre CBE.”

7 – Which is your favourite social media platform, and why?

“I have a love/hate relationship with social media but I can’t choose between Facebook and Twitter for entirely different reasons.”

8 – Where is your ideal meeting venue?

“My office, so I don’t have to travel, or The Delaunay.”

The Delaunay restaurant on London's Aldwych
The Delaunay restaurant on London’s Aldwych

9 – What is your favourite restaurant?

“The Ivy or the Delaunay.”

10 – What is hot in international media and marketing, and what is not?

“What’s hot is AI, VR, live video, social video and machine learning – all giving us the opportunity to make better advertising – plus the disgrace of poor digital measurement. What’s not hot is bad consumer viewing experience and the disgrace of poor digital measurement!”

11 – Which industry buzzword would you ban?

“Prigital (hybrid of press and digital).”

12 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

“Nearing retirement and finally thinking of getting the dog I have always wanted.”

13 – Finally, who would play you in a movie of your life?

“Charlize Theron (I wish!) She’s tall…err, that’s where the similarity ends but you can always dream.”

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