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Lucky 13: Nigel Gilbert, AppNexus

Nigel Gilbert, vice president for strategic development, Europe, at AppNexus, answers M&M Global’s Lucky 13 questions.

Nigel Gilbert AppNexus

1 – Summarise yourself in three words.

“Sociable, experienced and optimistic.”

2 – What made you want to pursue a career in media and marketing?

“Being a consumer myself, I already felt quite familiar with the media industry. After my first round of interviews, I really enjoyed the culture and people I was meeting, and I’ve never looked back.”

3 – Describe your ideal client.

“As is the case with any industry, the best client is the one who is prepared to take risks and carve their own path – not just follow everyone else because that is what’s easiest or expected.”

4 – Name your favourite ever campaign.

“I’m very much looking forward to the (proposed) return of Hofmeister, since I loved the bear walking down the bar on his fingertips!”

5 – Which award win are you must proud of, and why?

“The Drum’s 2015 Programmatic Champion. I’ve spent a lot of time evangelising best practice among the general digital industry and to get this type of recognition was very gratifying.”

6 – Who is the best industry speaker you have seen?

“Throughout the many industry events I’ve attended in the past, I’ve always found Twitter’s Dara Nasr and Bruce Daisley to be among the best of the best.”

7 – Which is your favourite social media platform, and why?

“The only one I really use is Strava, which I like a lot because it keeps me believing that I am staying in shape!”

8 – Where is your ideal meeting venue?

“It has to be somewhere with a certain level of privacy, so you can actually have a proper meeting with someone. This year I’ve been frequenting Percy & Founders, which has the perfect setting and atmosphere for this.”

9 – What is your favourite restaurant?

“If it’s a business lunch, definitely Percy & Founders. But, for dinner, it would have to be the Social Eating House on Poland Street.”

10 – What is hot in international media and marketing, and what is not?

“Recency of data or ‘real-time data’ is very hot right now, which is based on buyers’ ability to react quickly and accurately to consumer behaviour. What’s not hot really depends on the company someone works at.”

11 – Which industry buzzword would you ban?


12 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

“Keeping the internet free!”

13 – Who would play you in a movie in your life?

“Vernon Kay.”

Vernon Kay

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