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Madelaine Krige

Madelaine Krige

JOB TITLE: Head of innovation
BASED: South Africa

Give an example of how you have used new technology in your role.

We are awaiting approval to use holograms to bring to life the realities of child sex trafficking for an Africa-based NGO. Also in development is a first-of-its-kind staff app for Maxus.

What drives you to succeed in media?

First and foremost I’m an entrepreneur, having started my first initiative when I was eight years old, therefore I thrive on understanding the fundamentals of building a business and a brand from the ground up. I have experience across Africa, encountering entrepreneurs and businesses, giving me a unique outlook and perspective on how to transform businesses in dynamic environments.

M&M-BadgeWhy are you one of the industry’s hottest young talents?

I have not only made my mark on the media landscape but have managed to be successful in both a brand-building and advertising space within a unique and challenging African environment. I have made a meaningful contribution to businesses and growing entrepreneurs.

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