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Media reviews ‘once in a lifetime’ chance for agencies, says MediaCom COO Toby Jenner

The $25bn-worth of media business currently up for review represents a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for media agencies, according to MediaCom’s global chief operating officer Toby Jenner.

Toby Jenner

Speaking exclusively to M&M Global, Jenner said the huge number of accounts up for grabs – including the likes of Unilever, Sony, Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble – will leave a lasting mark on the industry.

“I think this is once in a lifetime. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I don’t think we will in the next 25 years,” said Jenner.

“It’s a perfect storm, and it is indicative that clients are looking at what the future holds for them, and how to best address some of those challenges.

Reflecting on the first 12 months of MediaCom’s ‘Content and connections’ global positioning, Jenner said he hoped the agency could cultivate a reputation as being “at the forefront of thinking” and “at the top of its game”.

“You judge it by the business that you win and the business that you lose: we haven’t lost anything, and we’ve had a hugely successful year on the new business front, winning Mars and eBay,” he said.

“We’re pleased with where we are, but there is always more you can do.”

M&M Global also spoke to MediaCom’s LatAm chief executive Fernando Silva, who said that the region is catching up with mature markets in the adoption of technology and digital media.

“[LatAm] is a region that will follow what is happening in North America, or the UK or France, but technology-wise we are catching up faster,” said Silva.

“Years ago, it used to take three or four years for [new technology] to get into the region. Now this is taking a shorter period of time. The societies [that find social media most] appealing to social are the Latins, social is massive and very relevant.

“Even though open television is still relevant, it is losing audiences, and those audiences are switching to mobile and digital.”

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