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Mediaplus explains what winning meant to them

What does it feel like to have you work/business deemed the best by industry peers and clients?
Of course, it feels great! It is a huge confirmation for all of us in the industry that one’s own performance and the excellent job one has done is also recognised by others.

What benefits do you believe winning a Festival of Media gold trophy will provide your company?
The awards are the result of continuous trustful client management by our colleagues who love what they do. This makes Mediaplus the innovation agency for measurable brand success. In the same year, we were also awarded “Media Agency of the Year” at the locally very relevant German Media Award. Being awarded twice is also double proof of our performance and positions us at the top of the RECMA ranking in terms of awards.

How will you market your success?
In addition to the activities on our social media channels, we have launched a digital self-marketing campaign and worked out our USPs on our own landing page with video content.

After all, it is an enormous success that we, as an independent media agency, have won this award in international competition – of course, we use this for our customer communication and acquisition.

What has been the immediate impact on your business?
Winning awards does not always have a direct measurable impact. But continuously being among the best in competitions strengthens our external perception as a media agency and makes our innovative activities visible to potential clients in the industry. Sooner or later, this naturally leads to Mediaplus being seen as a suitable partner.

How did you celebrate your win?
Unfortunately, 2020 was not the year in which the entire team could celebrate together. But we communicated the award on all internal channels and convened a large online meeting across all locations, where we celebrated this magnificent team achievement together. There was also a small package for each employee – to toast the success.

Have you decided where you will display your trophy in pride of place?
The trophy stands present on our award shelf alongside numerous other prizes that are visual proof of our innovative strength. The shelf is definitely an eye-catcher – and we are sure we will expand it.

Jochen Lenhard, Managing Director & Partner, Mediaplus 

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