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Mediasmart Mobile

mediasmart is a technology start-up focused on optimizing the media buying process on mobile, both in smartphones and tablets.

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Business name: Mediasmart Mobile



Sector: AdTech

Based in: Madrid

Regions covered: EMEA, Americas

Founders: (CEO) and (Commercial Director – Spain & LATAM)

Who are your major backers? Kibo Ventures and Michael Kleindl

What’s the track record?  mediasmart was one of the first entrants into the mobile programmatic ecosystem in Jan 2012. The company has established partnerships with more than 40 global partners. Its technology is being used by more than 50 customers to run campaigns in 60 countries around the world and the company is able to sustain triple digit growth rates thanks to the high recurrence of its customers: 99% of the revenue in 2015 came from customers that used the platform every single month.

What’s the elevator pitch? mediasmart fully automates the optimization of the media buying process in the channel users are flocking to, and that traditional ad-tech companies do not handle well: mobile. mediasmart fully owns its tech stack, which has been proven in the marketplace with recurring SaaS clients and triple digits growth rates.

What does this mean? This means that mediasmart´s platform can allow advertisers to effectively reach and engage their audience in mobile devices, by managing the complexity of the mobile in-app ecosystem within a demand side platform.

What makes your company different from its competitors? Mobile is in our DNA and that in itself differentiates us from other programmatic platforms on the demand side, who were born for desktop and have not evolved to be effective in mobile.  Among the mobile -first demand side players, our technology is unique in that it can track up to 5 types of post-click events per campaign, both in the web and in-app environment, and it uses both this information and proprietary user data to make media buying decisions in real time that maximize campaign engagement. It is also a very transparent platform, providing the best combination of machine learning and human interaction.

Who are your clients? Our clients are advertisers, agencies, or other companies on the demand side of the value chain, who can use bsmart´s own user interface in a self-serve mode, or integrate their own interface with bsmart APIs. mediasmart sells software as a service.

How will your company change the world? Making programmatic media buying possible in mobile devices.

Who do you compete with? Other ad tech platforms on the demand side.

Who should be worried? Slow moving desktop-first demand side platforms who still think traditional web, even if all their marketing material says otherwise.

If you could choose any investor globally who would it be? Richard Branson.

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world who would it be? The best data scientist in the world.

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