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Meet The M&M Awards Judges: Geraldine Grummer

Geraldine Grummer, senior global media manger, Orange Group is a judge on this year’s M&M Global Awards gives her opinion on international media and what animal she would be…

What do you believe are the key trends and insights dominating international media right now?

“The transformation of the media ecosystem and what it offers, how the industry challenges the duopoly of Google and Facebook on digital advertising market and how the industry focuses on its content offer, format and targeting.”

What are the biggest challenges the industry faces?

“The impact of digital acceleration on the internal organisation structure within a brand and an understandong of how data analysis and audience planning is now done.”

What does the industry look like in the next 12 months?

“More technical with the main media groups and platforms forming stronger partnerships.”

What do you want to see from the shortlisted campaigns for this year’s M&M Global Awards?

“Innovative, but efficient campaigns that can reach both marketing and brand objectives.”

What do you think makes for a winning entry?

“Strategy that can be applied quickly is agile and will stay in the memories for a while (this is a key challenge).”

What campaign or campaigns do you think have set the bar for international media in the last 12 months?

“Always and Dove.”

This year the awards ceremony is moving to the Natural History Museum and as a result we are encouraging the industry to unleash the beast within them, if you had to choose one of the following which animal would best represent you?


You identify an opportunity and are swift to act, agile enough to adapt to continual change and always able to sniff out and hunt down new opportunities.


You have an uncanny ability to identify trends and insights before they happen, analyse data and act on it to generate business success.

Blue Whale

You like to think big and look at the bigger picture. You are thoughtful and think thoroughly before acting to ensure the right experience is delivered at the right time. Your broad shoulders and enthusiasm mean you are a rock for you team.”


You are a born leader, leading by example and inspiring your teams through hard work, passion, and enthusiasm and industry knowledge. You are not afraid to make the tough calls, but equally are happy to be guided by your team.

It would have to be the Blue Whale.

More information on the M&M Global Awards is here. It is going to be the first event under ‘Hope’ the new blue whale in the Natural History Museum.

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