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Meet the team: Christine Adams

We sat down with the newest member of the Festival of Media team, to learn a bit more about her and find out how she’s been finding her first couple of months working as Awards and Business Director. Here’s what Christine Adams had to say:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your job title and use three words to describe what your first few months working at Festival of Media have been like?
Hello, I’m Christine Adams and I have been working for 20 plus years – which makes me feel rather old – in the ever-changing landscape of the media and events industry. Since September, I’ve been working as the Awards and Business Director at Festival of Media, although this is my second stint at the company having previously been Head of Events, so far this new venture has been exciting, interesting and exhilarating.

Can you tell me a bit more about your role and the rest of your Awards team?
I am responsible for mentoring the amazing Awards team and implementing an awards strategy for the business, while also looking at new opportunities and initiatives to help grow the company. Working with Leah Mellard, our Senior Awards Executive, and Faryal Ibersiene, our Awards Executive has been fantastic. Their knowledge and insights of awards and the industry in general, has helped me settle in smoothly over the past three months. We are now looking to expand the team are currently have opening for an additional Awards Executive, which is very exciting!

There are so many awards programmes out there, what in your opinion sets Festival of Media apart from its competitors?
Since Festival of Media’s launch in 2007, it has taken many shapes and guises as we’ve had to be reactive, resilient and roll with the punches – from volcanic eruptions and hurricanes to a global pandemic. However, 16 years later we’re still here and stronger than ever and most importantly have built up a reputation of having reputable awards programmes around the world, which the industry wants to win to help drive new business, retain and attract talent and showcase the fantastic work they are producing to a global audience.

Part of your role involves signing up brand judges and getting them to join our prestigious global juries. What would you say to someone who is on the fence about being a Festival of Media judge?
There are so many reasons why somebody should get involved as a judge. I would say that the key ones are:

1) It’s a great way to gain a more in-depth understanding of the trends and insights driving global media.

2) It’s an opportunity to connect with peers and discuss current problems and hopefully discover solutions.

3) To be positioned as a thought leader.

4) To act as inspiration for future marketing and media campaigns.

It sounds like it’s been a bit of whirlwind, but what have been your highlights so far?
There have been so many, but I’d have to say getting to be privy to the dynamic debates and discussions that take part in the judging rooms, which allows you to really get to know the judges and how they operate, has been one of my favourite parts of the role so far.

Finally, can you tell us a fun or little-known fact about yourself
It may surprise you to learn that I used to compete in high and springboard diving. I can’t wait to make a real splash in my new role at Festival of Media.

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