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Microsoft launches cooking chatbot with chef Heston Blumenthal

Microsoft has teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal for a ‘Heston Bot’ offering cooking tips, flavour pairings and regularly updated menus, as well as video messages from the chef. 

Heston Blumenthal

Currently available in English on the latest version of Skype, the bot will see the user’s Skype Name and any chat messages or content shared with it.

“Anyone who’s curious will have access to tips and techniques updated throughout the year, as well as recipes to make everyday cooking easier,” Blumenthal said. “People will get a real insight into how I think and how I cook, and I hope everyone is inspired to experiment and have fun with my recipes.”

The bot aims to combine Blumenthal’s lifetime of culinary experimentation with conversational computing to create a fun, immersive experience that evolves cooking skills, with new recipes delivered monthly.

Dean Withey, co-founder and chief executive at ubisend, described the project as a “fun and creative” example of artificial intelligence-driven marketing.

“The benefits of AI and messaging services are that they not only allow brands to improve and enhance the consistency of the service they offer, but they also delight users. Microsoft’s partnership with Heston Blumenthal is a great example of,” he added.

LoopMe’s Future of Us event earlier in the week featured a session by MediaCom chief digital officer Deidre McGlashan about the importance of chatbots – read more here.

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