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M&M Global Awards judging insights: Phil Wade, CMO, Jetstar Airways

Phil Wade, CMO, Jetstar Airways, provides insight into the key trends he identified as one of the M&M Global Awards – which will be hosted at the Natural History Museum for the first time on Thurs 7 Sept – shortlisting judges.

What did you learn from the judging experience? Any key insights or trends?
I just loved that creativity is alive and kicking. I think sometimes with words such as programmatic and bidding, media creativity takes a back seat and that is wrong. I was blown away by the originality and thinking in the submissions and the evidence of how this approach had delivered ROI.  It’s hard to identify trends, beyond of course content creation and distribution being key in almost all cases, but maybe that in itself is the trend. New channels and technology have ended the clarity as to any linear trend, or repetitive learning of how to communicate, test and learn becomes key.

What surprised you?
I loved and respected the large campaigns created on big budgets on big brands. The submissions were very impressive, but I was also surprised and learnt much from what can be done on a small budget. It was just amazing to read the business impact generated by new and smaller businesses on a shoestring. It was just inspriing.

Were there any countries or regions whose work you were most impressed by?
I was most impressed by the work that managed to transcend global boundaries. It’s extremely hard to be brilliant in any country, but to have something so brilliant it transcends borders is just awesome.

Have you seen any work that inspired you?
Yes, in fact I was inspired by every submission in it’s own way, marketing is alive and well and that complex blend of the art of the story and the science of results continues to fascinate me and everyone else in the industry. It is an honour and a pleasure to read these submissions and to see this subject flourish in a changing world.

Are there any topics in the industry that haven’t been covered by the work? If so, what do you think are the reasons?
I felt that the submissions were very broad and there were few topics omitted.

What was your favourite entry & why?
I don’t want to share a favourite entry yet, we are at shortlist stage, but I look forward to aligning with the other judges at the end of the month to debate the winners. I have judged multiple categories and, there are, in my view a number of worthy winners, and I would like to say thank you to everyone for all the effort to make the entries of a such a high quality.


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