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Mobile surpasses all other methods of content consumption globally, says report

Over half (52%) of website page views take place on mobile devices worldwide, according to the 2016 Global Content Consumption Trends report, surpassing every other means of consuming content.


The report, produced by content discovery platform Outbrain and interactive content marketing software Ceros, outlines the state of content marketing in a number of key international markets.

France and South Africa were shown to be majority-mobile viewing countries. Almost every region has seen a huge mobile push, especially in video consumption, with 42% of South Africans viewing video on mobile, the second-highest year-on-year growth in that area.

In the US, adults spent on average 10 hours and 39 minutes per day on their screens consuming media in Q1 of 2016, with big trends in the North America region being chatbots and VR. Native advertising spend is $10.7bn, a figure expected to double by 2018.

In India and Singapore, internet penetration was shown to be growing with internet users skewing younger, more educated, and more interested in video. Germany saw a 27.5% jump in video viewing and 45% of all Israelis watched a video on their phone every day.

Some 54% of respondents in Singapore watched digital video regularly and social and video were popular with Brazil’s 64 million smartphone users. 72% of all Indian internet traffic is projected to be video by 2018.

Globally, the report shows that marketing continues to grow. Germans trust brands almost as much as they trust traditional media outlets (42% versus 44%) while 84% of Australian marketers say that creating more engaging content is their top priority for 2017.

The report also showed that the top-performing pieces of Outbrain content in almost every region in 2016 were tragedies, terrorist attacks, Brexit and the US election, with North Americans reading about 9/11 families suing Saudi Arabia, the Paris attacks and the DNC hacks and Europeans focusing on terror attacks in Paris, Munich, and Nice.

In May 2016, Outbrain secured $45m in funding to work with Turner-owned CNN on a chat app.

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