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Audi launches its own mobile AR platform

17 May 2013
Audi launches its own mobile AR platform

Auto manufacturer Audi has teamed up with global mobile solutions company Somo to launch its own mobile augmented reality platform, Audi Vision.

The augmented reality mobile app, AudiVision, will bring Audi’s brochure to life by allowing consumers to point their mobile device at Audi’s Spring 2013 price and specification guides to unlock content including video, sound, hotspots, additional pictures and text.

Other features include the ability to look under the bonnet of their chosen model, hear the engine, experience driving the car from behind the wheel and view the bodywork from a variety of angles.

Audi Vision will be applied across all of the brand’s brochures and including all models, with plans to extend across multiple media in the future.

“Audi Vision is the most innovative digital project we’ve undertaken to date and most importantly it supports a key developing trend in marketing; the overlap between digital and CRM,” says Audi UK national digital manager Hugh Fletcher.

“Applying Audi Vision to our brochures is just the beginning,” adds Fletcher. “Throughout the coming years we’ll be using the Vision platform across a broad spectrum of marketing channels, augmenting printed materials, digital content and in-centre collateral to allow Audi fans to really get under the skin of our cars.”

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Jenni Baker, London


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