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Mediamind integrates with CitizenNet

17 December 2012
Mediamind integrates with CitizenNet

Digital ad solutions provider DG has reached a partnership to integrate social market research and ad campaign management platform CitizenNet into its Mediamind ad serving platform.

Through the integration, Mediamind clients will be able to analyse social signals in order to drive more effective media planning, based on social media brand interactions across Facebook and Twitter.

CitizenNet software is based on analysis of millions of anonymous data points and will perform the steps of data-driven marketing and runtime optimisation.

CitizenNet works by analysing a brand’s social audience to find out interests, demographics and brand sentiment.

“CitizenNet enables advertisers to understand which audiences are interacting with their brand on social networks, as well as potential new audiences and what specifically interests each audience,” says CitizenNet chief executive Dan Benyamin. “By using the Mediamind platform, advertisers can take that sophisticated understanding and use the insights to activate better social marketing and media decisions.”

Jenni Baker, London


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