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Olivia Ow

Olivia Ow

Sing miniOLIVIA OW
JOB TITLE: Manager for global solutions
BASED: Singapore

What is your greatest achievement to date in international media?

Singapore: Inside Out, a multi-disciplinary travelling showcase. Through a series of media partnerships, original video and written content, we shone the international spotlight on Singapore’s best creative talents and brought our audience through an interactive experience.

What creative innovations have you implemented in the past 12 months?

Besides implementing processes to ensure all stakeholders are aligned, we also made use of relevant technology and innovation to overcome the geographical challenges and time differences. For the first time, we helped Singapore Tourism Board put in place a content management system that allowed multiple parties to access, upload, edit and approve any piece of content before it went live on all owned channels.

M&M-BadgeWhat drives you to succeed in media?

The driving force behind my Singapore campaign was also multi-disciplinary in nature as it involved the client, media, public relations, production, event and the artistes themselves. As project lead, it was important for me to recognise each party’s strengths and contributions before piecing everything together to drive a power partnership that would lead our client, Singapore Tourism Board, to success.

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