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Pandora to begin offering ‘personalised’ digital audio campaigns

Digital radio company Pandora has claimed it is introducing truly “personalised” digital audio ads, after entering into a partnership with dynamic creative specialists A Million Ads.

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According to a joint statement, brands will be able to tailor ads to Pandora’s 81 million active listeners based on factors such as gender, age, ZIP code, location, time of day and weather.

The newly-introduced solution will also allow marketers to use sequential audio ads to introduce new pieces of information about the product or service.

Pandora is available in the US, Australia and New Zealand, but has long insisted it plans to expand internationally.

“This is a natural extension of the best-in-class personalization we bring to the music listening experience on Pandora every day,” said John Trimble, chief revenue officer at Pandora.

“Our massive data set, combined with A Million Ads’ ability to deliver tailored, data-driven audio creative in real-time, gives us yet another way to help advertisers unlock the power of audio.”

Steve Dunlop, founder and chief executive of A Million Ads, added: “As the industry leader, Pandora sets the bar for digital audio advertising and consistently offers marketers solutions that harness the power of music to effectively reach millions of consumers.

“Together, we will revolutionise what listeners experience from an ad-supported music streaming experience and deliver new dynamic and personalized ways to capture attention and drive ROI for advertisers.”

In December, Pandora appointed former MediaMath exec Eric Picard to the role of vice president of ad product management.

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