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Partial ad-blocking court victory for Axel Springer

Axel Springer has been awarded a partial victory today (24 June) in its fight against ad blocking software provider Eyeo.


According to a Reuters report, German court has ruled that the publisher should not be charged to be put on the company’s “white list” exempting it from blanket blocking.

In most cases, companies are white listed for free, subject to a check that advertising is acceptable, with Eyeo taking a cut of the extra revenues the largest advertisers make.

Axel Springer described ad blocking as an “unacceptably aggressive business practice” but the court stated that it did not object to ad-blockers as such.

Eyeo, which has previous emerged victorious from appeals by Axel Springer, was recorded as stating it would appeal the ruling, which it described as depending on “an obscure, newly passed statute in German unfair competition law”.

This follows the German publisher’s move in 2015 to ban readers using ad-blockers from its Bild tabloid website.

Ad blockers are being employed on the mobile web by 22% of the global 1.9 billion smartphone users, according to analytics and advisory firm PageFair’s study conducted in March 2016.


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