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Scoop Retail is the digital platform for the physical retail space.

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Business name: Scoop Retail


Twitter: @ScoopRetail

Sector: Retail Technology

Based in: London

Regions covered: Global


Richard Mason –

Kim Weld-Blundell –

What do each of you do?

Kim heads up digital retail strategy, innovation & new business development.

Richard is our Chief Technical Officer, overseeing a team of developers.

Who are your major backers? 

The Collider Accelerator and angel investors.

What’s the track record? 

Over the last year (since launching the business) we have run projects with a Superdry, Ocado, and a number of independent retailers. We are currently working on a number of large projects, however these are currently under NDA’s.

What do they say?

Scoop Retail is the digital platform for the physical retail space. We use cutting edge technology to increase revenues for retailers and take the pain out of shopping. We aim make every retail experience a positive one by helping our clients to deliver the stores of the future, today.

What does this mean? 

We take the best bits of online shopping and bring them into to physical store… bridging the gap the between digital and physical worlds. We have developed the Scoop Retail platform to easily plug into the systems retailers are already using, including their e-commerce website, stock management system, CRM database, social media channels and so on; using this data we delver a range of customisable applications to enhance the in-store shopping experience and, crucially, increase sales. These applications include interactive digital signage, endless aisle “kiosks” and tablet applications for staff, till systems and completely bespoke interactive experiences.

What makes your company different from its competitors? 

There are a number of fundamental technical elements that separate Scoop Retail from anyone working in a similar space. The biggest differentiators are probably our easy system integration and platform approach.  Allowing complete flexibility and customisation for our clients, ensures we have the ability to continually evolve and innovate. Added to which, our SAAS business model ensures that we are both attainable and scalable for retailers of all sizes – effectively democratising the in-store digital technologies.

Who are your clients?

– Superdry

– Ocado

– Marie Claire

– Closet Case

– A major global fast-fashion Retailer (under NDA)

– A leading mobile telephone company (under NDA)

– 6 other’s under NDA

How will your company change the world?

As consumer behaviours continue to evolve and shopping habits change, so too will the role of the physical store. Stores are set to become hubs for more immersive brand experiences, focused on the customer as opposed to shifting stock. The Scoop Retail platform is helping retailers to deliver the kind of services and experiences are needed for brick & mortar stores to remain relevant in the future.

Who do you compete with?

This is a very new area for retailers – the majority of endless aisle solutions that are actually live in the market have been developed either in-house or outsourced to digital agencies, which is cost prohibitive to all but the largest of retailers. That being said, our range of applications does include an ePOS system and content management system for digital signage. Both of these are relatively saturated markets when looked at of in isolation, however as far as we are aware, there is no one else who offers a fully connected single platform – covering all aspects of the digital store and deeply integrating with a retailers online channels.

Who should be worried?

You can’t disrupt the status quo without ruffling a few feathers. Scoop retail sits across a range of areas from interactive digital signage CMS and ePOS systems to endless aisle “kiosk” and staff tablet applications. The important thing for us is that retailers are now excited (and relieved) that we’re here to help. Their store associates are re-invigorated now that they have the tools to help them do their jobs, and their customers are delighted to by the experience they are starting to get in stores… so we don’t think anyone should be worried.

If you could choose any investor globally who would it be? 

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Touker Suleyman (while I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t recognise him at the time!). I think someone like Touker would be a perfect fit for Scoop as an experienced mentor and entrepreneur himself he understands the highs and lows of start-ups.   He is also extremely well established within the retail sector, and would be a perfect investor for us.

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world who would it be?



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