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Miami based Start-up, SmartBeemo, is helping brands get the most from their content promotion budget by optimising social media management.



Sector: Digital Marketing / SaaS

Location: Miami, Florida

Regions Covered: USA, LATAM

Founded By: David Uribe, Michel Edery, Samuel Morhaim

Are they rocket scientists? David Uribe is a seasoned and renowned speaker and social media guru in Latin America. Michel Edery is a successful entrepreneur who has expanded his own marketing agency into five Latin American countries and managed various brands for Fortune 500 companies over the last six years. Samuel Morhaim is a software innovator with more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software development and cloud technologies; including big-data machine learning and predictive analytics for healthcare, tourism and now digital marketing.

Who are your major backers? Asylum / Estrategica

Whats your track record? SmartBeemo is used to optimise all of Asylum Marketing and Asylum Estrategica’s social accounts.

What do they say? The dramatic results we provide our clients in social media are incomparable – delivering consistent uptrend results on all KPIs and always exceeding their expectations.

What does this mean? We have the secret sauce to social media marketing. We have the insights, the experience and now the technology to produce consistent positive results for any marketing campaign.

What makes your company different to its competitors? We are the world’s first behavioural metric optimiser for social media marketing so we have no competitors.

First clients? Asylum Marketing and Asylum Estrategica

How could your company change the world? Marketers around the world are struggling with social media marketing. We are here to show them how to do it right. Our unique technology will constantly evolve to improve the way marketers, small business owners and enterprises do digital marketing.

Who should be worried? We are not here to worry anyone, but to take digital marketing one step further. If you are providing segmented services like centralised social media management, centralised analytics or plain common-sense timing recommendations, you are just providing a small piece of the puzzle. We aim to provide a larger-scale, integrated solution, backed by our unique behavioral metric optimizer and our secret technology.

If you could choose any investor globally, who would it be? We would be honoured to have Larry Page as our investor. Google’s mind-blowing approach to data analysis and its unique approach to software delivery is our inspiration.

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world, who would it be? We admire the way ZenDesk does product development, sales and marketing. So, we would poach the brainchild behind it all- Marcus Bragg, VP of World Wide Sales. We believe that talent like Braggs would propel our company’s sales initiatives to a whole new level, allowing us to acquire at a much faster rate. ZenDesk’s integrated sales and marketing efforts are a clear example of how SaaS models should operate, with clear unified messages, a fun and engaging brand voice and an over simplified sign-up/sales process.

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