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Snapchat adds personalised emojis after Bitmoji acquisition

Snapchat has introduced personalised emojis following its acquisition of Bitstrips, the company behind the Bitmoji app.


Bitmoji allows users to design emojis of themselves by customising the skin tone, gender, body type, hair and clothing. Users are then able to make personalised comic strips based on their own unique avatar.

The news of the Bitmoji integration was revealed via a blog post that featured a Bitmoji-style comic strip.

Snapchat said: “Bitmoji is your own personal emoji and now you can use it to express yourself on Snapchat.

“We fell in love with the Bitmoji team and their amazing products and we are so excited to welcome them as part of the Snapchat family.”

Snapchat reportedly acquired Bitstrips in March for $100m, but had not mentioned the acquisition publicly until the blog post.

In order to use Bitmojis in Snapchat users are required to have both apps and can link their accounts via the Snapchat settings.

Bitmojis can be used in chat or be stuck on snaps, while friends can link their Bitmojis to create a ‘friendmoji’.

Bitmoji will open up new opportunities for advertisers within Snapchat. The Bitmoji app currently makes much of its revenue through sponsored avatars.

For instance, there are a currently a set of Ghostbusters emojis on the app to tie in with the release of the movie.

Bitmoji is a free app, but users can make in-app purchases such as new facial expressions.

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