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Snapchat targets SMEs with new self-serve Ad Manager product

Snapchat is looking to recruit small- and medium-sized advertisers with the launch of a new self-serve platform.

Snapchat's new Ad Manager product
Snapchat’s new Ad Manager product

Google and Facebook have benefitted hugely from the long-tail of SMEs lacking the budget to advertise on traditional media, and Snap is hoping to attract those advertisers with its own ad management tools.

The company will roll out Snapchat Ad Manager, as well as Mobile Dashboard and Business Manager tools, in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia and “more” from June.

The Ad Manager solution will allow users to buy, manage and optimise ads, and view campaign reporting across all Snap Ad types, including app install, long-form video and webview.

Over 20 brands are currently testing the product, including online sneaker marketplace GOAT, movie ticketing app Atom Tickets and discount gifts and goods ecommerce site Hollar.

“We’ve tested these products with a variety of US-based small and medium sized businesses. SMB advertisers have been vocal in asking for a self service product to activate and manage their campaigns; Ad Manager was built with their business needs in mind,” said a Snap statement.

“We are working with select advertisers at this time. Each of these products will be available to more advertisers in the coming months.”

Sen Sugano, vice president, marketing, at Goat, commented: “We’ve already seen success with very competitive CPIs and conversion rates, as well as targeting Gen Z and Millennials, both key demographics for Goat. The platform gives us the real-time flexibility needed to run successful campaigns, and with hundreds of integrations it gives us the ability to capture the data we need to better understand ROI.”

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